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Young Democrats of America (YDA) statement on Roe v. Wade

Media Contact:

Ela Gardiner

Communications Director


Boston MA - In light of the recent news of the Supreme Court's draft opinion on effectively overturning Roe v. Wade, our parent organization, Young Democrats of America (YDA) has released a statement regarding the news. Please read the statement below:


WASHINGTON, DC — If the reports from this evening of the leaked Supreme Court Opinion draft are true, conservatives have once again proven that they will stop at nothing to take away reproductive freedoms and access to abortion, including threatening the lives of millions across the United States. The Roe v. Wade decision has saved countless lives by giving people affordable access to safe abortions, so that they do not have to resort to life-threatening options.

We must be clear about one truth: doing away with Roe will not stop abortions from happening. Conservatives will lean on their so-called moral superiority and take their pearl-clutching tactics in front of abortion clinics but fail to recognize that overturning this decision can only lead to harm. This has been a strategy that Republicans from state legislatures to Washington, DC have plotted ever since Roe was ruled on. Every single law passed which stripped away reproductive rights has led to this moment, from forcing people to carry out unwanted or medically impossible pregnancies to charging those who have abortions with murder.

Our party must work harder to fight back against this oppressive decision. We here in the Young Democrats of America know that abortion is healthcare. We know that it is a right that everyone who can get pregnant deserves. Every single person deserves to have complete autonomy over their own body, full stop. We will continue to do what we can for as long as we can, and however we can to make that known.

We encourage our members to make their voices heard — not just by the Supreme Court Justices complicit in life-threatening oppression, but at their state legislatures to make sure that all states have proper protections for reproductive freedom. We are incredibly disappointed to see that SCOTUS seems to have more concern for the protection of their own information than they have for the protection of their fellow human beings.

We call on President Biden and Congress to stop at nothing to ensure that we can protect all people’s right to reproductive care.

And for anyone who tries to lean on their religious beliefs as a crutch to justify their weak moral backbones, we hope that your God is a merciful one because we will not be.


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