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YDMA Statement on the Roe v. Wade draft leak.

May 6, 2022

Media Contact: Ela Gardiner

Vice President for Communications


BOSTON, MA - The leaked SCOTUS opinion is a horrifying glimpse at the imminent erosion of protections advocates have fought for over the past century. The right to make choices around healthcare, around abortion, are fundamental to preserving autonomy. Without these rights, there can never be equality.

The work to protect this right has been done for decades by Black and brown activists, whose contributions are often overlooked. Now is the time to listen to the voices who have been raising the alarm on this issue for years. Restricting access to legal abortion has never resulted in a reduction of abortions, just of safe and accessible procedures. The impacts of this pending decision will have the most consequences for those who are already marginalized.

This draft decision clearly outlines where SCOTUS wants to take this country, repealing protections of human rights in the name of Originalism. We cannot focus on our Commonwealth and feel secure that our rights are protected here. There is a coming national assault, and we need swift, meaningful action from the Democratic Party to protect the right to abortion.


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