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Since 1934, the Young Democrats of Massachusetts have been the official Massachusetts chapter of the Young Democrats of America and the youth wing of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. Originally named the Massachusetts Democratic Future, our work in the Commonwealth has been extensive and largely effective. With three seats on the Massachusetts Democratic Committee, our work to move Massachusetts forward is recognized across all aspects of politics. We are the voice of change, and we are the future of the Commonwealth and this country.


The Future.


We engage

young people across Massachusetts

to elect Democrats,

advocate progressive values,

and train the next generation of leaders.

Create initiatives, programs, and events that attract and maintain membership to increase party efficacy.

Build a membership base that is diverse in geography, background, and thought, all while maintaining our under-36 policy.

Support candidates through campaigns and grassroots efforts across all levels of government in Massachusetts.

Strengthen and highlight progressive ideas and policy inside and outside the Democratic party, and Massachusetts.

Provide, recruit, and connect young people with tools and opportunities to enhance skills and understanding in all aspects of government, and develop them to be the future of the Democratic party.

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