Secretary Terry Altherr

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About Secretary Altherr

Terry Altherr is a lifelong progressive activist. Passionate about getting progressives elected to office, he first got involved in Joe Kennedy’s 2012 congressional campaign. Once he graduated from American University in 2018, he became a fellow on Bob Massie’s gubernatorial campaign. Afterward, he was a field organizer for Safe Patient Limits Save Lives in 2018 and then for Jeff Ross during the 2019 Boston City Council at-large race. In 2020, he served as the campaign manager for Alison Leary, who ran for the statehouse in the 10th Middlesex District. He has been involved in YDMA since 2018 after getting involved in GBYD. In 2020, he was elected Secretary of YDMA and was reelected in 2021 for a second term. In addition, during the 2021 Young Democrats of America Convention, he was elected Secretary of the YDA Northeast Region along with Secretary of the YDA API Caucus. He is also involved in the Newton Ward 4 Democratic Committee, the Newton Democratic City Committee, and the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee as one of the three male-identifying Disability add-on committeepersons. In addition, he is involved in various activist groups, including the Sunrise Movement and the Newton, Waltham, and Watertown chapter of Our Revolution.