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YDMA Passes Transparency Resolution Supporting the Three Tenants of the Act.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 17, 2021 Media Contact: Cole Gibson Director of Communications 404-514-4839


Campaign calls for greater levels of transparency in the Massachusetts State House legislative process that have been absent for too long.

BOSTON, Ma. — The Young Democrats of Massachusetts passed the Transparency Resolution, endorsing all three tenants of the Act on Mass ‘Transparency is Power’ campaign. YDMA believes that these tenants are necessary to bring the level of transparency to the Massachusetts State House that its constituents deserve.

“Without transparency there can be no trust between a government and its citizens. These tenants are absolutely necessary if we are to ensure that the people of Massachusetts can have confidence in the elected officials we empowered to represent all of us,” Lezlie Campbell, President of YDMA, said.

Although YDMA has some strategic differences with Act on Mass, we do recognize that the tenants of their ‘Transparency is Power’ campaign more than meets the moment. Too many pieces of legislation, that would provide relief for hundreds of Massachusettsans, have been killed behind closed doors due to arcane rules that allow State House legislators to vote in secret. The three tenants, calling for the State House to:

Make all votes held in legislative committees are publicly disclosed, Make bills public for 72 hours prior to a final vote, and Reduce the threshold for a vote to be publicly recorded in the State House of Representatives from 16 state representatives to 8 state representatives,

will allow for greater scrutiny of legislative decisions made in Boston. YDMA’s endorsement of the tenants comes with the stipulation that any changes in the rules of the legislature should only be done in a manner that does not create unnecessary burdens on the staff members who work at the Massachusetts State House.


The Young Democrats of Massachusetts is the Massachusetts chapter of the Young Democrats of America. YDMA’s mission is to provide an inclusive space for politically active youth to share ideas and work toward a more progressive Commonwealth. You can learn more about YDMA at

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