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YDMA Labor Caucus

We are the Labor Caucus of the Young Democrats of Massachusetts! Our mission is to support, amplify, and enhance the movement of Workers' Rights and Collective Bargaining across the Commonwealth.

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The YDMA Labor Caucus stands in solidarity with those fighting for better working conditions.

The Labor Caucus shall serve the caucus of labor by:

  1. Connecting Democrats under the age of 36 to networking, volunteer, electoral, and educational opportunities on issues important to the labor movement;

  2. Fostering civic engagement and encouraging young people to learn about and become involved in organized labor;

  3. Increasing awareness of and participation in the Democratic party by presenting the ideas and beliefs of the party in an open and public manner;

  4. Developing youth leadership through training and workshops;

  5. Stimulating dialogue on important issues facing the labor movement;

  6. Supporting the electoral efforts of Democrats, particularly those who are young and those who express and demonstrate commitment to organized labor;

  7. Advocating for legislation and ballot initiatives that align with the core values of the Labor Caucus, and;

  8. Operating in a manner that promotes inclusion, fair treatment and respect for all humans and seeks to unite people across any and all divides.

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