Vice President Jack Perenick

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About Vice President Perenick

Our Vice President for Political Affairs, Jack Perenick, is originally from western Massachusetts where he grew up and served as the President of the Hampden County District Attorney’s Youth Advisory Board, which helps educate students and parents about online safety, substance abuse prevention, and promotes community diversity and reconciliation. In 2021, he served as one of two delegates chosen to represent Massachusetts as part of the United States Senate Youth Program. He is currently a Somervillian and a student at Tufts University, where he is studying political science and international relations. Jack is passionate about environmental justice and education and is a Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, working to promote green policies in Somerville.


In the last several years, Jack has put his training with the National Democratic Training Committee to work volunteering for Democratic candidates from Melanie Stansbury in New Mexico to Nicole Galloway in Missouri. As VP for Political Affairs, he will continue to support diligent and hardworking Democrats for public office in our Commonwealth and work to enact reforms to our electoral system with policies like ranked-choice voting, public campaign funds matching, and blanket primaries.


Books that shed light on the inner working world, including Metropolitan Life, The Deficit Myth, The Selfish Gene, and The American Senate, are where he gets inspiration for new strategies for a Commonwealth guided by Democratic ideals.