Ela Gardiner, Vice President for Communications

Vice President Ela Gardiner

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About Vice President Gardiner

Ela Gardiner serves as our Vice President for Communications and is the youngest member of the YDMA Executive Board. Born in Boston, she grew up in London, England, where she gained an international and well-rounded view of government and became increasingly involved in liberal politics. Upon moving back to Massachusetts, she joined YDMA and has become the president of the Wellesley Young Democrats.

Ela brings experience to the Communications department from working with High Schoolers for Biden, High School Democrats of America, and currently serving as a high-standing volunteer for Framingham Mayor Yvonne Spicer’s reelection campaign. As Vice President for Communications, she will continue to use our public image and social media to further YDMA’s mission in the Commonwealth and work to continue our standing as the go-to youth organization.

In her free time, she is often found reading congressional resolutions or watching C-Span. Political biographies and autobiographies fill Ela’s bookshelf, where she continuously collects original copies of published novels.